Giana Doll


Chicago Elite Companion / Model / Escort Latina Colombian Gigi GFE High Class Call Girl

CALL OR TEXT: 310-634-9506           E-Mail: GIANADOLL69@GMAIL.COM

Before meeting

Vetting is super important to me for many reasons. I am sure you understand. Below are some of my vetting procedures. Note that not all are needed. It's up to my discretion who I spend time with.

I do ask for a photo. Why? Because if I am going on a date with someone I want to make sure they are my type :). Don't worry if you don't feel confident, it's not all about looks but more for safety and to see if you are put together and well groomed. I also may ask for your Linked In, Facebook, An E-mail from your business e-mail, references or Company Website with your photo. I'm sure we can find a way to screen you where we both feel comfortable papi. 

If you are a member of anything helpful, that will be a tremendous help.

As I have an education, career and involved in the local community society as well as organizations I am extremely low volume on who I tend to go on dates with. Please don't get offended as I am not for everyone. Some girls have lines out their door but living in a beautiful, doorman staffed building I like to keep things private. Thank you for understanding!

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